Everyone with Aspergers wants to feel valued and feel respected and be loved. I haven’t met level 2 or level 3s however we want to feel that. Why? Because while we are different than everyone else we are just like everyone else. We all know what it means to be moved by music that means a lot to you when you hear it, we know what it means what it feels like to be loved, or to get a job that means a lot to you.

We all know what it means to not feel appreciated and to do something and to feel like “oh” when we had good intentions.

We all know what it means to become writers, scientist, bankers, politicians, police officers, and we all know what it means to want to become those too. We have dreams that we all want to achieve and we all have the ability to want to become actors, lawyers, astronauts and to know it’s not in our personality to do so.

I am not the best person to lie to because while you can do so I have learned over time to see lies for what they are. That sooner or later I will have the moment that it’s like wait a minute something is not right here. I know what it’s like to feel lied to and to be like thank you because they didn’t want me to feel stupid and they didn’t know how to reply. However in that moment they had my best interest at heart. People like one guy that lied to me when I asked for something and he said I looked later and I couldn’t find it. Yet he knew it was because I didn’t know the rules and wanted to spare my feelings.

I have moments where I feel like a five year old due to ptsd trauma attacks and my brother punching me yet I do MMA. I have moments where I feel like Captain America where he says

It’s not that I don’t like Nazis, I just don’t like bully’s.

I have moments where I dream of becoming that hero and don’t ask me to be that person because that is not who I am even in writing this tears come to mind time after time. I just did what needed to be done that is all that I did.

And if you are a bully physically or in the religion world you can be rest assured I will stand up to you and You won’t like it and you will know when those moments happen because I will turn into a sheepdog and tell you exactly who you are. And if you are in the religion community as a leader I will give you plenty of time to change and if you use up every opportunity then okay you are no longer a victim of a mistake or bystander because you had the many chances to make things right along the way.

We feel about ABA being abusive and one of the reasons why it’s a debate is people don’t ask us why they tell us why not. So when you face that you are facing a lot of debate material along with arguments like

Crying for a six year old isn’t effective communication

Crying for whom? Because the adult didn’t respond properly or because your such an advocate for it and not the people you deal with.

Or how about from the same person

You mean so and so he didn’t use electrical shock therapy on children

No I mean the founder and you can find it on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

My personal favorite in regards to the feeling like they are just monkeys and not a human being with ridiculous instructions that have no meaning

Don’t you take orders from your boss? We all take orders

No, not the same thing and I mean entirely not the same thing. Orders from boss are a lot more respectful in word choice and can be a lot more respectful in tone, demeanor, and where you are at in that moment.


That is how you see it

Ya no comment right there by the way I’m the Aspie, you are the NT ummm big difference.

And I don’t think you know what reinforcement is

Pardon? We all know what it means to reinforce something negatively or positively and for it to be seen that way, if you pat me on the head age 5 it’s a lot different than age 18 with a different tone than normal “to reinforce positive behavior”. We all know what it feels like to be told well done or try again.

Along with you are asking the child to do 25 hrs of schoolwork, 40 hrs of therapy and have time to play most full time jobs don’t require that much hours. Are you asking the child to have a life at that point and be a child or be dog trained by saying

Do arms up

Do jump up and down

Congrats! Your reward is me playing with a truck for five seconds that’s right five seconds with sounds. I know what you are thinking “not really exciting” but guess what I don’t care.

And what is also interesting is fighting ABA one of the two therapist thought it was funny I called it abusive, ummm maybe because they aren’t willing to see where it’s abusive and not helpful and maybe because you see the behaviors but you don’t see the needs that can help those behaviors be made easier for them

I am excited that I can go for manager simply by complaining wearing a good shirt and saying how customer service isn’t about giving them the order it’s making them wanting to come back too