My Med’s don’t make me normal, they don’t keep me from getting upset at remarks that people make. They don’t make me always docile gentle as a lamb, because yes I got irritated, I get pissed, and you know what I get righteous anger.

You know what does upset me though? Telling me that I am docile without my medication. You think I just need my medication, I think you need to start looking on being medication for all of your outbursts and comments that you say “without thinking” however I will never tell you that you need to be on medication. However I may think such a comment. You may think the comment is harmless and innocent enough but you haven’t asked me how it feels for you to say such a comment in such a matter.

When you say that medication effects meltdowns you have no idea what you are talking about, first off that is like saying you getting angry is controlled by medication and if you don’t take that medication for your own self you won’t ever get angry. Absurd reasoning don’t you think? You can never have a certain emotion due to one medication alone or even a couple medications is completely absurd understanding, because feelings are natural you can’t control them, you can’t change them, you can’t wish them away. You can make them easier to manage say depression or anxiety but only if such a medication exists.

When you ask other Aspies you will get the same answer “not that I know of” however you can control: anxiety, stress, depression. You can give the person a sedative however it may take a long time to kick in.

If you want me to take something like xanax its going to make communication alot harder as I may be thinking of a tree and will wait two minutes “plant, no, bush, oh! its a tree before I can continue on the conversation like normal. That can be really hard on me and very frustrating especially when the person is trying to help but I need them to just be quiet in that moment because my mind is too blank to put something that I am picturing very little into something I can easily picture alot more clearly.

Some people are not even able to do their work with such a medication to where they can’t take it within 24 hrs or 8 hrs of use. That can make it alot harder on them to use the drug while earning a living.

They can be the best of the best in their field but if they are needing such a medication for a time, they could easily lose their job with the wrong supervisor above them that doesn’t understand fully.

No matter how you look at it, medication doesn’t make us more of a human being or act like a docile robot…… makes us more relaxed and be able to enjoy life fully