I’m standing by the lake throwing pebbles in wishing for a dream or two come true

I’m standing at the lake 5 years older still wishing those same dreams will come true

I am now standing at the lake with those dreams come true and the only thing I can think of is you on my mind. I long to spend the time with you at the lake but you are not here right now and I have to be the good soldier and follow orders.

Yet I wish you were here skipping rocks into the lake with me, competing who could throw the farthest or the most skips.

Even as the sun goes down and the rays hit the lake I sigh in content that you may be here once more. I sigh in content that you may be here once more.

For all of my life I have never felt this way about anyone or anything and when you smile your hand even 6′ away is touching my heart that it causes me to want to run to you in that moment and kiss you deeply. Even when we are in places I know we can’t kiss where they won’t allow it, it makes me want to kiss you just to tell everyone how much you mean to me.

For I am standing by the lake skipping stones once more waiting for a second stone to join mine for all of time.