There’s a passage that goes

“Don’t judge others for the measure you use will be used against you”

No where has the church spent so much time in preaching on this yet so much time fighting itself on this very issue and attacking its very ability to keep this standard.

I don’t care what someone has done, what they look like, or how much their behavior is appreciated or not they deserve every respect anyone else does.

Someone once called a person dear to me a word that I will never repeat for its cruel and twisted in how it was used. I so long for the day that everyone can say “We do not want to fight no more, let us lay our weapons down, and let our children play”. One of the reasons why I am so glad I have Autism is that it allows me to understand that a person’s actions may not reflect who they are but by something they can’t control and that they would love to control that thing they cannot to prevent the action you are very seeing. People deserve that chance, I deserve that chance, everyone deserves that chance to be realized it may not be their behavior that is causing it but something they can never get rid of but they would do so in a heartbeat.

I cannot judge another unless I first look in the mirror and judge myself and see if I would have done any differently if I were in their shoes.

If I want grace, I need to give others grace, If I want to be loved, I need to love others in the same manner. If I want to be accepted I need to be accepted likewise. For only the will the people lay down their weapons and let the children play when everyone worldwide can do this not just one person but everyone.