I do not find the word obsession to be a word that should be used around Aspy’s favorite subjects personally speaking.

The word obsession is often used to describe things that are unhealthy, you can’t get away from, and even related to addiction.

I honestly more like the word tendency’s due to the fact that its a subject I am fond of but not a subject that is unhealthy in how I pursue it. Along with the fact that I could easily say someone that is into wine and everything that goes into it is having a obsession with wine, yet it just happens to be their hobby. They know alot about the subject and can tell you a good wine from a bad wine just from the part of the world its from or who the maker is yet that is still their hobby.

It is their hobby like any other hobby and the only reason why people think mine is a obsession is because I like talking about it. That is the only thing that separates in your mind the difference between obsession vs. tendency, while I have known people that have used the word to describe their own tendency the connotation as it exists in the English dictionary is the one that bothers me the most.

On top of it, let’s say you go thru something really traumatic to talk about it allows you to be able to process it with another person and that can be really helpful when you need to do so, you may spend alot of time talking about it but its because its that hard of a subject that its hard for you to understand how it happened or why it happened or how to go about approaching it.

You’re also at the same time problem solving it so it doesn’t happen again or if it should be overlooked………..either way its allowing your brain to overcome the obstacle you have faced.