Here is what I have noticed, when you go to a church they ask are you part of our family aka have you taken our classes to belong part of our family.

When you worked with me on graveyard and you walk in on your first night, your automatically my brother. For we are going to face challenges, hard shifts, hard times with management and with each other, and above it all for us to succeed we will need to forgive each other.

Whereas in church, it doesn’t matter if you know the person or not or will see them again or not or have any form of relationship they are your family.

To me family is not about having taken a class to become, it’s about relationship, the need to forgive each other again and again. Face the hardest trials and overcome them and still know you are going to face more trials. On top of it, it also means standing up for each other and having each other’s 6. It means helping your brother whether it’s female or male when they need help but spurring each other on to becoming better. There is no class needed, no certificate, the fact you are here is your certificate even though 2 out of 5 won’t be there long, not because they got terminated but because they didn’t know what they were signing up for and it’s not for them. One person even asked for a leave of absence on their first shift (no I’m not joking). We have faced fellow employees issuing threats, times where management really messed that shift up for everyone, and times when people’s safety needed to be considered.

It’s not about being South Korean baptist or South Korean Methodist to where if your South Korean Baptist please come on by we would love to have you. It’s about you are here that’s all that matters, you got shit going on so do I. You are going thru struggles same here and things you long to change but you cannot do so. It’s not about the need for a class or sharing the same class before you walk in, it’s simply the fact that before you walk in

I myself have fallen in the trailer on soap because two leads and one Ambassador didn’t say it was slippery and to watch my step and fell onto hard wooden floor. There have been times when a current station manager bandaged my arm with tender and care because I fell onto a pallet with a metal table not put together on it and even got my vest hooked up in a fire hydrant that a best friend had to cut me out.

Did I also mention I can be clumsy at times?

We also joke with each other and with management that would make most managers make their head spin but we knew we were just joking with each other. You can hear me call a supervisor asshole (a term of endearment) who calls me jackass and another fuck you yet we have that respect with each other and love for each other. You can hear us confide in them in ways that are hard to express in most areas of business and even have them mentor you, spur you on, help you become a better person, encourage you, help you when needed, laugh with you, and you have the greatest respect for this person. You will do anything for them and they will do anything for you. Even one you will be okay with them yelling at you, because you know why they do it and you see it as something you want not something that bothers you even though with many people it bothers you.

After being called brother, having someone open the door for you and showing you where the break room and restrooms are and grab your personal protection equipment for you, they will perhaps talk to you and even leave you be. The minute your car pulls up you are a brother oh sure you will need a safety class but you are family before that class.

Dating isn’t about sharing a common faith, it’s about how many times you have forgiven each other and will forgive each other. It’s about working things out and how many times you have had to do so. It’s about apologizing to each other again and again with tears and smiles. It’s about being excited for each other when they reach their goals just as if you reached your own goals in that matter. Everyone needs someone that they can feel like this says one artist.