If you want me to tell you about what being rich means to me it’s not monetary value

It’s knowing you get vacation time pay so even while your gone you can still pay your mortgage. Or having sick leave so you can take care of your child.

It’s the boss that his laugh you really enjoy. And in knowing him over time he becomes a great friend and then mentor.

It’s the best friend that their smile makes your heart warm and your proudest moment is when they achieved their goals that your jumping up and down in their work performance and your so proud of them. And in getting to know them you hope to go to Africa with them.

It’s the boss that pushes you but knows when to back off because he knows he needs to because he’s going to overwhelm you if he pushes you anymore. And in not pushing you it actually allows you to perform better in that moment.

It’s having a dog that makes you smile when you see them and you want to pick out with your girlfriend because they want a dog too.

Its telling your boss your taking the holiday off because your girlfriend is going to be surprised with a momentous occasion.

It’s paying off student loans knowing one day they will be forgiven.

It’s telling your girlfriends boss to plz let Her have these days off and you didn’t even ask Her so you can take her to the airport and consecrate your relationship with vacation.

It’s not about being wealthy, it’s not about the car, it’s not about your 12 passenger plane so you can evangelize worldwide mr. evangelistic. It’s not about the world vacations every other month.

It’s living comfortably and know you have enough to cover emergency expenses but a lot more than that. It’s knowing you have loved ones to come home too that once you leave the door you can’t wait to run back into their arms. It’s you can’t wait to get off work because your going to celebrate Christmas with them or take them for a romantic dinner and their dress is laid out and their favorite shoes on the bed with a note.

It’s about having a job you want and for me it’s working for myself because I don’t like clocking in and clocking out it’s too stressful as someone on the spectrum not because being your own boss is easy but the social dynamics of working for a employer and it feels like it will always be hard to prove your a team player that they would like to promote so you decide to work for yourself.

So when I talk about wanting to be rich for myself this is what I am speaking of. And why I desire it because rich to me is about loved ones. Not three billion in the bank and it’s hard for me to describe to myself but ultimately this is what I mean.