I have seen many of my friends and family date one person and then there is a bad break up and they go onto the next person very soon afterwards. The cycle repeats itself with the person asking why they can’t find the right person. Soon they have had 5 relationships all in the last year and none of them longer than 6 months. Because they didn’t allow themselves to fully heal from the first person or the second or third and are just making the same mistakes just with different people. Eventually if they are lucky they find the right person however they can’t enjoy that person because they still haven’t learned from the first person or the second or third. Its a unevitble cycle, due to they change people and experiences but but not the problems that were surfaced. They can’t tell you why they keep repeating but the fact is sooner or later its going to require counseling and once they get to counseling then and only then can they find happiness in the right relationship.

Problem they face each time is they are so afraid of admiting that they need counseling without considering the joys with counseling.

I can say first hand that in choosing counseling I’ve allowed myself to understand more about me and why i am the way I am. Plus I’ve learned more about the situation I was in and if it should ever be allowed to reconcile with this person I can use those tools going in.