People wonder why I prefer women friends over men, it’s rather simple. I grew up in a house of 7 sisters, one brother didn’t have the intellect to be a brother on a personal basis, another was so filled with rage since sixth grade and doing his own thing along with creating issues that I didn’t want to, and a third was always gone doing his own thing.

I’ve always been comfortable with people older than me, than people my own age. Among female bffs one was 4 years older, another around 8, and another around 20. The lowest being a gal that was 5 years younger.

Even in connecting with guys it can take months for them to figure it out when to get together.

I see many of my own age that have issues or issues that others created or a mixture. The one about 8 years older, she didn’t want to talk on the phone and if she did it was completely threatening with her yelling (I loved in a duplex) and always upset. in inviting her to my place which was a open basement that had ants nearby that couldn’t be gotten rid of completely in that area was upset by this as if it was something I could control and if any moment mice would come out. Yet the place was in good condition

I don’t care so much about the person that is too old to have children, should I submit a 30 year old to genetic testing to see if she’s capable of having children? No, I should accept Her for who She is already and appreciate that about Her! If I find a issue other than my non nonnegotiable  it should be accepted because of you look deep you will always find something guaranteed of why you shouldn’t make it yet you will and you did if you accept them for them.

If you had the guy that was everything you were looking for would it be everything you wanted deep down? Many would say yes, I would honestly say no. He may have the biceps, legs, chest, but does he have the ability to help you feel safe. Does he work hard for his income or is he okay taking government programs for free or even in not giving everything to his employer. Does he worship Yahweh and make a good spiritual leader as well as lead you well. Does he make a good leader over your relationship? What’s his wisdom like? Can you know that if someone badmouths you he will protect your honor in a New York Minute?