This was shared on a best friends relatives wall for a joke

Here is why it’s not funny at all. They are using things like autism which is seen as a trigger for mass shootings with a ridiculous and hilarious for both sides tv show that often involves violence and yes the tunes get hurt but no toon to my knowledge ever died on the set.

Yet they are saying a ridiculous and children’s tv show being taken off the set that really has no plot to begin with as it’s just mini stories with very little protagonist or antagonist or story line not anything really to put on the big screen.

here is why I am offended often we get blamed for mass murders and are seen as the threat yet if you add up all the murders in places like Chicago and DC there would be more murders due to the amount of gang on gang violence and how many people you can imagine only a gang person will shoot or fire at in the course of that time.

Here is also what was offensive about it the whole page was devoted to gun control creating mass murders and a real debate that was heated going for awhile.

I’ve heard maybe once of a person being autistic doing a gang violence yet several times have heard of those without autism harming those with autism on perhaps more than three occasions knowing they were autistic. This does not include good looking women asking me to buy a $100 cake yet I don’t have a relationship with them for their birthday, a gal asking me to buy a smartphone yet she has a husband and even got turned into “well I will just pay you back “. The list goes on and on. Here is what statistics say that are actual statistics: the difference of major crimes is 1:1 literally.

Here is also why it bothers me that person said they want to understand Autism yet finds this meme funny and absolutely hilarious.

allies don’t see it as hilarious, when they ask questions they don’t tackle it from NT or Neurotypical thought to address it. If I say I am dealing with fights on the bus in a sketchy city telling someone to lay low won’t help when the guy is threatening you for sitting next to him. It doesn’t matter if I have 300 Aspie friends or some. I still see people as people and being able to talk to someone that isn’t Aspie that is a Allie as we define it is nourishing to the soul.

People tell me all the time that I deal with what they deal with people just don’t see it because they don’t see how I am affected by it the neurons. Because they themselves see it in themselves. The same boss that can give me shit is the same boss that has my back. And he and I have talked about this. In asking a sore subject I tell them don’t tell me to Google it tell me it from your own voice audibly.

Why? Google is going to taint my view, hearing something that culture deals with is going to give me not only the facts but the persons outlook. Their outlook will reflect their culture view of that.

when I want to reconcile I want audio plain and simple don’t text me or email unless your in third world country and then it will be email that you have spent a week on. Telling this to people many don’t understand and question why audio.

Here’s why: when it’s audio you tell me more what your saying by how you pronounce it than the word itself. If I look at my boss and tell him I don’t want to have to deal with your shit (we both say this to each other as a means of respect even though he is my boss) and I laugh and jab him in the shoulder he knows he’s being a dork.

If i send him a text saying same thing and he happens to send right before I send it and press send “I am going thru hell plz pray for me” and I hit sent right after I receive his then he will see it as me being asshole and me not caring when I just sent it. If I continue to send text not only do I risk in them not being received right away or at all but I also risk them being mistranslated. But if I call and say hey I am so sorry man what can I do plz forgive me he is more apt to see that it was passing circumstance and can be overlooked.

Because my voice doesn’t apologize by the words but by the meaning behind the words how they are used, pronounced, and if I am slurping my soda really loudly that can also tell you how I am taking it.

often the very thing said in a wrong manner to the other in how it’s perceived can be easily corrected in a bad moment because they can say tell me what you mean about this and the turn around is faster so negative emotions are less likely to develop. When you can ask orally they can say oh I meant this and it becomes okay that makes sense now.

we excel at loyalty, kindness, friendliness, we can see stuff in another person that others dont see including that person.

Often times this can be used against us, such as one person was kind and then when she found out about the disorder she was silent for 3 weeks and then said “I may be interested in you but to show you can provide for us give me $100 for a birthday cake” even though I wasn’t going to be there. We didn’t have the kind of relationship where that could be expected. In the hopes she will come around. Or where anyone should ask such a thing is beyond belief. 

Another one wanted $200 paid for rent yet her rent is covered already. That is on top of lying about saying she worked for my employer different location yet couldn’t answer a simple answer about the color of her badge (badge color tells status in the company like contractor, permanent, or temporary) even lying about her Facebook page not existing yet a quick search into Facebook would reveal that it’s tied to her Facebook.

Even this article points out the fallacy of abuse being seen as love. A former friend even said “ya you could never get married due to being a aspie because you couldn’t take care of a child” those words stung more than any other shit they have ever said. Social connecting doesn’t hamper your ability to parent anymore than a neurotypical is any less likely to not get married because they can’t parent someone with autism yet you have articles like this one