Going to work takes over two hours. The easiest part is going to work, the hardest part is coming back. Here is what I mean, I am dealing with tiredness from doing graveyard, if I ride the regular ferry and miss it by just one minute I got a hour until the next one….yes an hour. If I ride the fast version, that is paid for but I gotta long wait for the next bus heading to my house. Today I had a issue with my electronic bus pass that works for the ferry, now I expect there to be issues with say scanning or the card but so far there is money on it and and it has been working. The card wouldn’t scan the first terminal….no problem I thought to myself go to the next one and the next one and to the final third one. Went to the clerk and said hey it’s not working that is when I found out it was probably too damaged. I explained I had a hour wait (until the next ferry) and I had a Uber waiting for me on the other side (it was already scheduled)  so if I am not there quick I got a real issue on my hands. She had to call someone they weren’t picking up so I am getting frantic not wanting to wait for a hour. And did I mention there is money on the card?

She held it back as she was slowly and I mean purposely giving it back to me. And I was trying to grab it because they had already done final call. And have a lecture before she was willing to and then the doors wouldn’t open by this point I am ignoring the deck hands emergency caution not to go thru because at this point unless the boat left nothing is going to stop me. People see that I was being rude when I needed to get home to rest, shower and head back. People see that I was being rude when I was in a hurry knowing if I didn’t catch this boat I had a hour wait doing nothing. Plus a large bill on top of it for Uber just for waiting.

They see it as “what the hell you can’t pay $4.10” I am seeing it as ya and if you can get that off that card in your hands feel free to do so and by the way by you making it a force grab my card if it was your machines just ripped now it is defective. On top of thinking and that $4.10 right now might as well be $41.10 cause I can’t afford it or I would pay by Debit on top of oh and by the way the fact that the card doesn’t expire means I am disabled and don’t have a lot of money.

On top of oh and I understand that the money is legally my responsibility but If you say had a way of pulling the numbers assigned to the card you would easily find your needed funds.

I never said I didn’t want to pay in the convo I said If you can get the funds off the card I would love to pay but I would also love to catch my boat.

with the door taking too long to open and her holding onto the card to meet her demand, it became a questionable act of who was the one that was being rude.

Was she willing to delay the trip as long as she could knowing that by doing so I may be stuck in a small standing room area only past the payment part waiting for a full hour for the next ferry to come.

I wasn’t telling Her I wasn’t willing to, I was telling Her if I am not in that ferry it will cost me a lot. Plus it’s my ride to where I need to go by that Uber and if I can’t afford to pay you $4 how can I get another ride.

Like in everything there are times when you need to be a stickler and realize the rules must be enforced like even though I am mid 30s I still needed my ID for being in the bar. Due to the fact If enforcers find me in the bar without ID they can be fined and sued. If i go to a bar and forget my ID and they say “I am sorry I can’t help you, I don’t want to risk a enforcer coming in and me being sued” I totally understand where you are coming from. Not only because then you are looking at a lawsuit but the huge fees on top of that.

If the person has a damaged card and you want to charge them a fee to replace that card on top plus 5 business days for it transfer like with the transportation card just so they can use those amount of funds that they want to use at that given moment, does it really seem like a good idea to hold off on just $4.10? that’s less than your cup of coffee, that’s less than a beer, or a lemonade at Applebees (esp with the large amount of ice they put in there that one sip and you need a refill)

How is it that we have come to the point where $4.10 and an hour wait or even a whole day stuck on that side is more important than serving that person? How is it that you cant even think about the loss of coffee of being more important than a person sleeping in a safe area? Its obvious if the person has a business suit on that they have wealth yet a person with a safety vest over their jacket I highly doubt that is because they want to be seen when there is gloves and other things hanging from that vest.

Apparently they are so proud of their new service terminal idea that if they have a issue with you, you get to back out and stand in the rain (and this is pride in their voice)