Like you things outraged me that other people pass off, like just now a guy took not one dog but two on the bus to go two blocks. Okay I realize the ferry was running 35 minutes late but the problem I find is that with this person it was to save 10 minutes not to get to home because of it being a night run and the last one but to save 10 minutes of walking.

I believe there should be companion dogs, when the person has anxiety on a normal basis and that dog helps and I don’t mean the person that gets anxiety every once in awhile but normal basis. Or the person that finds a dog that While too expensive to go to dog for disability does the same task just didn’t know it until after they got the dog. However I think the dog should be well trained in proper household rules this does not include places that has to be disabled and they are barking for a long period of the ferry ride yet that area is reserved for disabled. What I think should happen is doctor or counselor saying yes the person requesting is requesting a legitimate concern to have the dog as stated. The dog has to perform in the field it can behave and act in a respectful manner to all esp to disabled like me that have oversensory disorder. And that it can help in a way described as the person it’s required to begin with on a consistent basis. At the cost of say $3,000 to pay for this person’s time yet cheaper than service dog.

Here is why it bothers me, you have people that feel obligated to have their “child” be treated like a human being and one former classmate refused to go back to a restaurant because they refused service due to her bringing in her dog. Yes she wanted Her dog to be treated with all the rights and services a service animal would.

Here is also why it bothered me, people do this all the time. They don’t even have to have the dog at their side medically speaking yet prey on those that are disabled and use what they suffer and deal with as a valid reason to get away with what they want to do. Notice I said want to do not need to do.

If a dog for example was very hairy or even those rare absolutely naked types I would be okay in a five star restaurant and think they need to be and allowed to be given access. However when it’s obvious a person has it as a pet or behaving as a pet and expects to be treated with all due rights and grants of a define service animal that I will never be okay with.

Society says well we need military to have discounts and we need seniors to have discounts because they don’t often have a lot of money and the other is the only recognizable that is serving our country. I say recognizable as first responders also serve our country but are given a lot less benefits as a employee or as society members and are often looked upon with disdain and contempt.

Often times disabled are expected to not have the same benefits as seniors yet they make a lot less money. Many will have a job and be on state funding and that is just to live. For two years I was told that I would live on guaranteed income of $63 a month due to living in a state adult family home and that was to cover everything I needed. Often during “recertification ” I would be told “good news your still getting this amount ” say what???? That is to cover everything I need? Eating out, items, bus, toiletries as I was told I had to cover that, clothing, etc. even telling the local church for help was being told back no, because someone else needs it when there was leftovers . Who made a lot more money and the caregiver idea of feeding was 4 trips to Burger King in a week period getting whopper JR and then changing restaurant and doing same thing. Things like steak were met with soy sauce and things like salad were met with one ounce (literally wish I had taken a video) of dressing and being yelled at if I grabbed more. If I complained I was told the caregiver had purchased the food with his money, no not quite he didn’t spend extra to serve food for us we paid him to serve food for us and got diddly squat. People that didn’t believe me when they came to the house I would have to explain it was a facade. He went to the same electronics store to buy a WiFi router because he wanted to pay the least he can even if it didn’t work 5xs. Several nights dinner was served at 10pm and that was considered okay by the state. Usually with him coming in all proud as if he walked in with $300 groceries and fixing dinner that lasted one night with enough food to fix that meal only. The answer would be he’s been doing carpentry all day……why it took that long every single time. Yet I never saw carpentry type tools around the house. Even him coming back to America was met with “I forgot to meet up with my plane for two weeks” and credit card collectors would be met with when he had the phone “he doesn’t live here” every time and I know cause I handed him the phone.

His second job (if it was a second job) should be met with preference to those under him waiting for dinner. About four adults that were paying him to live there and things of mine were taken away and told it’s not here until I got it back. And we are talking about personal items that only would have been taken away by a caregiver.