What is the perfect self?

We can all say the person that shows up early when they are known for being late, the boss that knows the ship sank and he goes down with it a long with the other equal ranked manager, the guy that isn’t the lady’s man but lady’s really respect him and would want to date him, the guy that wants to raise a child not his knowing he is a good role model and he also has gone down that road as always wanting a dad, while a woman may want one there are certain things only a guy can do or say that they desire. To describe this to a lady or mom they can never understand even if they have never had a dad……many have said they do but while affirming your son is important there is something about a older male looking you in the eye and saying you are the man not just saying it but also saying in what ways they see you……I am not sure if women need this from their mom where they crave it but men do.

In courageous the movie……a group of men is asked this…..One of the guys answering doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter and has never met her or pay child support,another is a cop drug dealing in the side.

The third guy is a Latino that can give a real answer and says smugly but not because he is better but only because the memory fills him with pride absolute intense thrill seeking pride he was only 17 and his dad told him to take care of the family for 3 months…..his dad told him that he had confidence in him that is when he knew. That is the perfect self. He could handle a trust test at work because he knew who he really was and while he wasn’t the first choice he was promoted. Deep down we are all the perfect self when we become real with ourselves and with each other. He refused to deny his integrity, his personality, his character and refused to be less than who he was because he knew exactly who he is. He was better than that, he was a overcomer, fighter, warrior, he wouldn’t dig in as General Patton put it. Even his wife supported his decision to tell them no I will not deny who I am just to be promoted. She encouraged him and when She thought she lost his job She said baby we will be okay I still believe in you. Wow!!! Job’s wife for those that know the story who told him to deny his Creator and die could have learned a lot from that kind of woman.

The perfect self is telling your employer you need to leave your job, meeting with your boss to let him know the stress of the job is not worth risking losing your family because the only two times you enjoy working your work day is clocking out for the day when you have a employee yelling at you and you have several bosses that knew about it and on top of it you have sensory disorder and it’s effecting your personal life. And nothing has gotten better on top of him getting extra breaks than what is usually allowed.

The perfect self is the mom that fights to be a family cause she hates divorce and feels marriage should be eternal. It wears on Her, you can see the angels and demons fighting in Her head of how to process it and how to deal with it. She doesn’t seem to know Herself and She will probably tell you that’s about accurate. She is the woman that will do anything she can to remain a family but deeply hoped Her partner will also fight to be a family too yet each day She sees him slipping thru Her grasp like water thru Her hands. While she desperately tries to hold onto that cup of water yet it’s slippery and doesn’t want to be clung unto. She fights for the man She fell for, trusted, and desperately hoped he becomes that person again yet each day he becomes more angry, bitter, and full of rage. If She were to have one wish it would be that he saw Himself the way She does now but also how he used to be. The guy always smiling, laughing, and full of joy and now her best result is to let him go.

The Perfect self is the guy that finds he is losing his family and hasn’t really connected to Her since or seen his’ son. He fights for his family knowing that he feels like they are slipping yet all the while he sees on social media issues of baby’s yet to be born going thru real dangers that are life threatening or kills that child. He doesn’t tell her because he doesn’t have a chance yet he often desires to rest on her shoulder worried about someone they both care about. Every couple days he sees something but he shares it only with himself or with others. He goes to the pool with some friends and finds out that one of them had to be concerned with a medical abortion and the weight of it was beyond belief. He knows that’s not like his family member to consider such a option and has a mental breakdown never saying a thing to be empathic and not create a scene and only one person notices who happens to be a nurse. He never told Her or got a chance to see them again yet fought to protect Her heart and fears that is the perfect self

even though he is told that night for three hours while working graveyard something is terribly wrong with a child he dearly loves that is a matter of life and death that he knows is not from him but his Creator speaking to him asking him to pray and storm the gates of heaven and knock them down or heaven may have another entry and barely tells her the anguish in his heart that is the warrior types we have seen of different people or types of people that are always the perfect self