Our biggest advocate is Autism Speaks and that scares me big time. They refuse to have someone that is on the spectrum serve on the board yet claim to have our back.

If you think of the issue of Autism as war, they aren’t an ally due to the fact that they see it as a disease. We have made advances in businesses and in science yet what makes us make those areas excel is what makes us unwanted, outcast, exiled, and where is humanity is your outcry?

In this scene Kovu falls for the heroine and while he was brought up to hate she and Her family….he decides whether to come clean and ends up being found out. The result? See for yourself…..

How do we feel?

Around the right person, we feel loved and respected and wanted. They may not know what we deal with but we feel respected all the same. There is that sense of ignorance of not knowing yet respected all the same. In time your more apt to tell them. The people that think your weird the people that target you….do they get told? No! Not a chance!!! They didn’t accept you to begin with why would they really respect you now? Is it acceptance to have to be told just to accept you? Or is accepting not needing to be told but can be told willingly and without reservation. That is real acceptance! Because you don’t need to know, it doesn’t matter!

one of my favorite things to do is look someone in the eye like my bartender and say ya know your probably one of those people that would accept anyone no matter who they were. She began to say that it would depend on the person. I said ya know that time I was on the phone and upset that call and how you chose not to bring it up told me we would probably call you a ally. I then explained what a ally is and what it looks like. Why we like that kind of person to where they tell us they are an ally not the other way around. How it’s meaningful for them to say yes that is who I am not have to guess if that’s who they are.

You can feel absolutely respected by someone for who you are and then when you tell them you get treated like they got a carrot on a stick to hang in front of you.

I will respect you when…….

Maybe if you did this I will see you this way……

You can’t provide for me and my child (yet income and benefits have never been discussed nor have they seen the kind of person you are with your money) yet you have a good solid job and are trying to not only make $10 more but one with benefits and benefits your wife would love. You work for a company that gives you great and I mean great benefits and she knows where you work for what company but she uses Herself often as the carrot. That to have Her is to do these things in the small hope it comes to pass.

They treat you with respect beforehand but then thereafter seem to treat you with less respect as if by confiding in them your not worthy of respect.

If you took the best part of you that you loved and a absolutely adored and I said “I would love to create science to kill that part because it’s a disease and should be eradicated”. It would never in that moment be whether I was right or not, I mean just said that the part you love that I personally can’t identify with is the part that needs to go.

Except we call it science or medicine to get away with it……in reality we should call it genocide.

Strong words? Yes, maybe not to you but that is what your telling me you want.