I recently realized in my own personal life, I could only count one parent that reads up on Her son. I don’t mean services, I simply just mean She takes the time to read blogs, YouTube videos, or even a book to understand how he is affected. The interesting part about it when I was trying to find 5 parent’s that can say they do it, she was the only one and even then I could only say one does. I didn’t have to ask Her (though I did) i just knew .

Most parent’s I know want to be their autistic child advocate how many of them can say this to be true?

How many can know why their child does what They do when not even professionals would know that work with him. How many defend him to their family? To their lover? How many friends are willing to do this as well? People think high functioning means you won’t be able to tell all it really means is we are better at getting the Oscar because yes we are actors. We perform for you and put on magic tricks, we took you into thinking we are Neurotypoical because you demand it from us. You say understand you guys but you won’t take the time to understand us.

They may take their child to get help but how many pour a  coffee for themselves more so in one year  than do research? In the exact same day as The Gossiper

And to be honest, don’t just be your children’s advocates be your friend’s advocates too, your best friends, your family member’s that are in your personal life. When you understand more about the disorder and how it affects them you can better understand how to relate to that person. You can let them have the hard day’s and you can let them have the easy day’s too. They can fuck up and apologize and you can look them in the eye and say “you know, I knew what took place that is why I wasn’t worried” and I can tell you that is very meaningful to hear from a friend, a co-worker, or from someone you really admire. The biggest and greatest feeling in the world is to know “You can mess up, I can mess up, we are okay” rather than as one person put it in a different way and when they did it was about something else just a good way to change the meaning for this “You’re out of line, I’m out of line, we are all out of line”