You will never experience the joy it can fully bring, we have our troubles, we have great difficulties to overcome, and we have to learn in 70 years how to interact with a life that doesn’t come easy and will always be a challenge.  But for those that have really gotten to know us and gone thru the hard experience and please know its equally hard on us to. Many times I have often thought “All I want to do is honor you , yet at times I often fail a stone’s throwaway of what is considered NeuroTypical Normalcy .”

But do know if you do indeed learn, if you master the way’s of the force as Yoda puts it. You will learn a blessing that can only come from knowing us and having our loyalty.

You see one of the things we do great in socially speaking is we have Aspy Loyalty……..we cant explain it or tell you why its different or even explain the difference or at least some of us anyway but our loyalty

Unless you want to understand us and try to you never really well and you need to want to not try to or you will only fail and if you try you have a chance of succeeding