if its one thing that many NTs have a hard time with is beating a ND’s Loyalty. To the point ourselves have a hard time explaining it or why.

My guess is, NTs take relationships (of any type) more for granted and for NDs we see that person that we are good friends with we would do anything for, that person that attacks your friendship with someone dear to You and tries to force you out of the friendship. Sorry Dude! You gotta go, because to try to get in between is not your place.

NDs  biggest hassle in life is that they can make friends easily but to maintain the friendship is that key area that is the most difficult….My Mom always said I could make friends with a pole……but She would also witness Me crying because the people I wanted to get to know or have them understand Me was just not happening and who doesn’t want to be liked in social circles, who doesn’t want people to hang out with and really get to know them.

One of the hardest things can be when a supervisor is only able to see only the wrong you do, but any type of you verbally defending yourself or sticking up for yourself is a threat…..for almost 2 years i lived with this issue on a daily basis….talk about playing favorites

Two of the hardest things can be

1. work-you want to fit in with your peers but its so hard for them to understand you and of course you gotta keep your supervisor happy and be respectful of him even when you are having a meltdown and understand the directions he gives you

2. small group meetings-for those that go to Church or a small group of people type outing on a weekly basis. there is several roles group leaders even those that know you have Aspy don’t understand

a) when you face social differences if you are misunderstood you are let go and you don’t get a chance to speak about what happened thru your eyes, the Daniel Lions Den Contract is already signed on the dotted line

b) if you think FB Groups are the exception think again. you can be on your best behavior and still get kicked out, you can have the biggest consideration for other’s but that doesn’t matter when it comes to what you did right or wrong….there’s a complete removal theory

In one group there is a rule that admins can’t be blocked (understandable) a admin was creating issues privately and wanted me to open up ways I wasn’t okay with and he blocked me. The result was since that rule was seen in violation I got kicked out. Now when a admin blocks you

often times you are removed simply because you were trying to fit in but trying so much to that people don’t like the way you are doing it

a) i played a game for 3 years all the time and there was a small group of people that would talk about the game (the game and convos both on FB), but we would also talk about life, joke, and chide with each other and that was the main reason why i stayed with the game for so long……had a little social conflict and the head leader and I made a deal and to think that was the last of it only to find out that was’t good enough

My biggest point is there will be people that don’t understand us or don’t know how to be a friend even when they know we have Aspy but that is still used against us rather than try to work with all involved….its easier to do removal theory but you will have to keep on doing it and you will get tired of it because there is alot of us out there but working with both people makes you a better leader and it grows you along with those you are leading.

To this date I have yet to pick up the game again except to help out a friend and that was 5 months ago and to those that aren’t Gamers alot of FB game groups require daily logging in and performing a deed almost like clocking in at work but not getting paid

what made this group stand out is that because we could come and go and not have to daily clock in, i felt less of a commitment and more wanting to play and be a part of the group and that made it more inclusive rather than exclusive