They entered Heaven’s gates and i walked over to them and said

“dear brother in life we were once good and even close friends. Do you know why we departed never to speak to each other again”

Yes……stranger because you offended a very good friend of mine! so why wouldn’t i be offended

Dear Brother, on that day so long ago they were offended but not by me being a ass……….they were offended because I was over stimulated and they couldn’t handle it………they could not understand for the life of them

Brother, they knew I was a aspie and didn’t really understand that they said we were going to a B-day party only to tell me at the last minute that it was at Chuck E Cheese thee most loudest place on earth and knew I didn’t like it and when all was said and done I couldn’t handle any more of it being as you know that a siren is too loud to begin with. Not to mention dear Brother, I had kids yanking on my shirt, yelling, pushing, it was a party of 30 kids with only four adults and I had several egg shells in my egg salad no matter how many times i tried to enjoy the egg salad and enjoy for all its worth

Stranger???? Why didn’t you ever tell me and say to me that I was ignorant of this and that the bottom line was you had a melt down

Brother……….why do you still call Me stranger and the reason is you never asked whenever i saw you and while I would do anything for you……..I felt for the longest time that you would do the same and i was disappointed that you wouldn’t ask. how much time was wasted that we could have spent our lives together as friends

and ever since i have arrived when St. Peter rings The Temple Bell announcing a new arrival I have visited this spot since to look for your arrival

and Jesus Wept