My Mom was a counselor however the one thing that She couldn’t grasp that alot of people have a hard time struggling that are NeuroTypical (or NT) is that loud noise often feels painful…… feels like we are being punched and hurting physically. So often the presence of a loved one of any type of relationship can make a concert feel more like a goose feathered pillow even when its really loud and unbearable even when a 30 second drive by of a fire truck feels very painful and overwhelming.

Just this past year I went to a state fair for the first time with over 30,000 people all across the campus. I would never have handled it and enjoy myself if I was all by myself… was Her presence that allowed me to enjoy it because i got to share a memory and I had more of a reason to stay longer.

Another Aspie when I told Her about it shortly after agreed She could never do it without someone with Her that is another adult.

Later on during a concert……….in a large crowd I could literally feel the bass sound waves hitting me in The Tacoma Dome and took walks to relax and try to calm myself alone and together but again it was a presence of the friend and that She wanted to see a internationally well known band and so did I that got me to stay during the whole event. IF i had been myself I would have only stayed a really short time………this is one area where peer pressure from a friend can be a good thing and a healthy thing and is very much needed as a ND (or NeuroDiverse what people with Autism are also called)

(added onto as of 2018)

here is the song that was playing when that International Band came out

even now long after the friendship has long since died this song means the world to me and that event, that i pushed thru and waited till they came out to be glorified by a song that I have always loved and the whole audience was singing it right along with them.