Yes, I enjoy My computer, Tablet, and smartphone even in social circles……but deep deep down:

I want to be invited to events just like You do, go get some ice cream at a spur of the moment and feel included because somehow by some fashion i have a ice cream in front of me or go to a coffee house with a group of friend’s and feel included.

Yes! large crowds bother Me but going with a Bestie to a state fair and staying there for several hours because I am enjoying my time with Her and I feel I have a reason to be there and not just for 30 mins and then take off.

With this Bestie I feel able to stay at The State Fair for 3 hours especially when I get “Peopled Out” (i.e. when i am being overstimulated by alot of people being around me) because I am with someone ATM that is taking my interest off of the senses and onto my convo with them

I will be a Gamer for life but even more important when I feel like I am in their world and they are in mine and if there was a novel of our story……….no other character’s exist but me and them: no distractions, able to communicate easily and with clear thought and able to think clearly. I love it when our devices are within arm’s length of away but we aren’t enjoying the device but each other.

Just in case You’re wondering I don’t have a sign that say’s: Autistic….handle with care on my forehead unless You know what you are looking for and know me really really well to be invited into that part of my life